Clients choose me as their business coach because there’s something in their life and or business that they’d like to change or improve. Maybe they’re looking to change careers, or already have a great career, but no life! Maybe there’s just something missing from their life, and they don’t know what (or maybe they do).

I help my clients get their “goals” in shape and their lives in peak condition! Through the process of self-discovery we will identify those obstacles that appears to block them and develop a plan to remove them from their life. It’s my bet we will even identify the goals that really get them excited!

You have heard that old saying, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day – teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” I am not here to “give” my clients the answers – rather to teach them how to find the answers themselves so they can be used today (and in the future) to help them realize their dreams. A shift in consciousness must occur for most of us to achieve our dreams!

When I started my coaching practice in 1999 (before coaching was cool…), I knew from the very start that my primary purpose in the work I do with my clients is to elicit their greatness and to have a profound effect on their lives. That kind of relationship comes with a massive responsibility and commitment.

“Success Pathways” plans I develop with my clients includes in envisioning, developing, & creating a Long-Term Strategic Business Plans to include, but no be limited to Overall Executive Summaries, Organizational Backgrounds, Marketing Plans, Positioning Approaches, and Operational Plans. Through SWOT Analysis’ and Clean Sweeps, I enjoy helping my clients to see not only where they’ve been – but where they are going.