HANDS is focused on a “hands on” approach to assisting women to walk through challenging situations they may not know how to walk through on their own.  Whether it be from fear, lack of knowledge, lack of support, time management or whatever… HANDS is here to help.

Our primary purpose is to advocate for women in need.

Our experience/background as a court appointed advocate for domestic violence in the Victim/Witness Assistance Division, working with dually addicted clients and their families, assisting in child/sex abuse cases offers us a wide breath of assistance for our clients.  Having walked through the trials and tribulations of a divorce, we can assist our clients in very special and unique ways.

Divorce, Addiction, Mental Health, Domestic Violence


To build a strong advocacy network for women to support and guide their dreams and visions for happy & successful lives.


We facilitate the personal success of women empowering them through education, and connecting them to resources to help them excel as individuals, build thriving families, and strengthen their communities.


At HANDS, we place a high value on:

  • Confidentiality
  • Relationship Building
  • Respect
  • Compassion