What a beautiful thing it is to feel as if it’s ok to be open and honest with another human being. While this exposure of our thoughts and feelings is difficult for many; it can also be freeing and life changing. How do I know this? Because after 45 years I actually became real with another woman. When I say “real”, I mean just that…honest and open. I was exposed!

This process consisted of looking within myself at the guidance and support of a woman whom I trusted and respected. I knew that this on-going process would be composed of many layers of deep self-reflection and soul searching. You see, I was angry, sad, confused, and hurt. And truly, I didn’t realize how deep those wounds were until I was advised to look within myself and see what was going on in the inside.

I honestly didn’t even know I was suffering from these scars until one day I realized I didn’t like who I was and who I had become. I was overwhelmed with anxiety, depression and self criticism. There is a lot of hurt and pain that lives within all of us and some of us are equipped with the tools to look within easier than others. For me, that wasn’t the case. I put on a mask for years. I wanted to solve my own problems and honestly just go about life not addressing my unhappiness.

My truth today is I am who I am due to my life experiences and situations I have chosen. And, because of my path I have the opportunity to gain insight and perspective into who I currently am and who I am seeking to be. It’s not shameful for me or heartbreaking in any sense , but rather freeing and graceful. What a relief after all these years to look at me and be ok with he woman who I am and have become.

But, it doesn’t stop here, I have to continue to self evaluate and stay in conscious connect with God and the energy I chose to surround myself with. My freedom today comes from my testimony and the gift of truth and vulnerability which consists of a raw relationship within myself, which I strive to carry on other women who are suffering. If you are ready to take a closer look at you and get “real” HANDS is here to guide and assist you in this transition of growth.

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